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The Tale Of Yog

The Tale Of Yog was a game demo I made along 4 other members of Fatdog Games, for the Dare To Be Digital Competition in 2011. Since then it has been released for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S on the AppStore.

For The Tale Of Yog, I modelled the entire environment in high and low poly and covered all baking, I also modelled the Yog base mesh and sculpted him to near completion handing over the ZBrush file when other duties were required. I also covered all aspects of implementation bringing in all the game assets into the engine and setting up character animation sets, animation trees, materials/shader etc., and built the whole demo in UDK. I covered lighting and rendering and optimisation for mobile devices. I also designed and implemented all the UI. I also covered all the kismet and matinee in the demo, such as all the puzzles ad puzzle mechanics, and in game animations and demos.

Yog (Main Character) Sculpter/Envrionment Artist/Implementation/UI/Kismet and Matinee Programmer - Michael Zaman
Texturing and Concept Art – Mark Roberts
Animation/ Level Design/ Sound – Beau Melo Robinson
Programming – Matt Slack
Character Modeller – Mathew O’Halloran

The Tale OF Yog Gameplay Footage

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The Tale OF Yog Trailer

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The Tale OF Yog Ending Cinematic

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